About me

Hello! I am Swapnanil Dhol: A CS&E Senior in India, WWDC 2019 Scholar, WWDC 2020 Swift Student Challenge Winner. I am also a GSoC 2020 student working with VLC (VideoLAN) on their iOS project making the app more modern with a codebase rewrite, removal of third party, old, not maintained dependencies and integrating new features over my 3 month summer contract.
I also have a strong passion to teach and share knowledge and try to organize coding camps as often as I can. I also upload Swift and SwiftUI tutorials on my Youtube channel where I explain in detail and clarity about the various aspects of the language and use that information to build clean apps.

My aim for this website is to write technical articles and tutorials and also make it a space where I can pen down my thoughts.

As you can tell I am wildly fascinated by technology and I like to solve problems using my MacBook. However, I am also a fan of Aerospace and Aviation. One of my goals in life is to work for SpaceX and contribute to humanity’s mission to push the boundaries of science as much as possible and then some more.
Aviation fascinates me too. In fact, you can find my Flickr link where I post pictures of airplanes that I spot from all over the world. It’s a weird hobby but I love every bit of it.

You can find my projects and apps on the App Store here.

I try to be on almost every social media possible. You can find some of the links below if you’d like to get in touch!